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Why You Should Vote for EOS Oceania

EOSIO is a leading next generation blockchain that allows developers to build DApps that can handle thousands of transactions per second and is therefore positioned for mainstream adoption. EOS Oceania wants to help secure this network and contribute to the growth of its ecosystem.

1. Secure Infrastructure

Our dedicated in-house infrastructure built on enterprise standards is completely independent of external system providers. This allows us to explore new customization techniques and applications for the architecture, potentially adding value to the community and contributing to the overall stability of the EOS network. We operate and maintain all systems ourselves, which are automated via custom procedures and are carefully monitored. Our prior experience in working with DPOS blockchains such as STEEMIT and our understanding of the challenges involved makes us an ideal candidate for securing the EOS network and providing reliability to the entire ecosystem.

2. Technical Team

  Our team consists of engineers and developers who have extensive knowledge of programming on the blockchain, in particular, DPOS blockchains and experience in running witness nodes.  

3. Community Involvement

  Having successfully founded and grown TeamNZ and AUSNZ Communities as well as Auckland Steemit Meetup on STEEMIT, we join the EOS network with a wealth of experience in managing and growing communities. We aim to take our success on STEEMIT and empower the EOS Community in NZ and worldwide and contribute to the growth of this ecosystem with projects like EOS Auckland Meetup.  

4. Education & Development

  When our team first started exploring EOS, it was frustrating and confusing. It had complex parts that interacted with each other, different tutorials that told different stories and lot’s of breaking changes across the versions. At the moment, the EOSIO portal is the single up to date resource for developers – We aim to improve that. We also have a presence on many social media platforms and are ready to help anyone out.  

5. Geographical Diversity

  Our infrastructure is located in New Zeland, an economically safe country with a political openness for blockchain technology. With our Wellington based nodes, we provide the EOS network with the necessary geographical decentralization that is a key factor for any secure distributed network.  

How to Vote for EOS Oceania?

  To vote for EOS Oceania as a Block Producer on the EOS blockchain, use the user account: eosoceaniabp. We recommend that you should use the secure, audited tool EOSTookit with the EOS wallet Scatter.

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