Our Block Producer Nodes

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Innovative BP Infrastructure

EOS is being designed to scale to millions of transactions per second while handling large amounts of data for a rapidly expanding network. EOS Oceania is building an innovative infrastructure around these network requirements to meet the needs of the fast growing EOS network.

For EOS Oceania, maintaining only the high level of redundancy, security and up to date hardware technology is not sufficient. Our infrastructure is built in-house and is completely independent from external system providers. This allows us to explore new techniques and applications of the EOS network architecture, adding value to the community and contributing for the overall stability of EOS Infrastructure. We additionally operate and maintain all systems ourselves, where mostly is automated via custom procedures, carefully monitored.

We understand the constant evolution of EOS, and our focus will be to improve current architectures and explore new alternatives to provide value to the Network.



NVMe Storage

Faster than SSD based I/O our nodes to allow fast replies and data access to the network.

Rigorous Testing

We strive to bring you all the improved and neat version, making sure first we are comfortable with local testing, before updating the public version.

Customized Advanced Monitoring

While using best practices we have also implemented in-house customised monitoring to make sure our nodes are operational 24/7.

Scalable Memory

Ranging from 32 to 128 GB RAM planned servers we can both support the network current needs and allow room for extra speeds demands.

Virtualized Environments

Using virtual development environments we can provide agility to our developers while keeping security a priority.


Our backup systems enable fast response to any failures. We store the blockchain on separate storage for fast takeovers.