Making the Complex Simple

Simple enough so anyone can get started and develop DApps that make a real impact.


OUR Projects


Innovative EOS Infrastructure

Our dedicated in-house infrastructure built on enterprise standards is completely independent from external system providers. This allows us to explore new customisation techniques and applications for the architecture, potentially adding value to the community and contributing to the overall stability of the EOS network. We operate and maintain all systems ourselves, which are automated via custom procedures and are carefully monitored.

  • Built in-house built and self-funded
  • Geographically decentralised nodes
  • Reliable & Redundant architecture

DApps Development

We believe the ecosystem needs to grow through development. With our extensive knowledge in software engineering we aim to contribute useful and innovative DApps.


Community Support

We don’t just build Dapps. We want to spread the values of the EOS blockchain and help onboard users and developers and help grow the ecosystem. We have previous experience with growing communities on STEEM and are confident to make EOS in Australia and New Zealand a success story too.

  • Experienced in leading and growing communities
  • Host of Auckland Steemit Meetups since 2018
  • Host of EOS New Zealand Meetups since 2018

Education Initiatives

Getting started on EOS can be frustrating and confusing. We aim to provide an extensive knowledge base to the community that is comprised of videos and articles and takes the frustration out of blockchain development.


Nick Berns

A web developer who loves to explore how blockchain solutions can shape the future.

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Andy Berns

An international entrepreneur who has laid his eyes on Energy, Industry and Healthcare Businesses

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José Higino

A systems engineer who spends much of his time tweaking servers and blockchain nodes.

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Jack Shi

A software engineer with a passion for new and innovative frameworks and solutions.

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